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Had a transit stop in the late afternoon through Sendai station, which meant there was no time to do touristy things but still a good hour or two to kill, so Sendai City Gymnasium it was because reasons!!

The area around the gymnasium was rather quiet and deserted given that it’s a Friday afternoon, so I was kind of expecting it to be just as uneventful inside (not to mention it was kind of dark),  but it turned out there was actually a tournament that day…!
Okay well… it’s not volleyball but the “Miyagi Prefecture High School Spring Championship Handball Tournament” (roughly translated). Still, I hung around and watched the games a bit… like with most high school tournaments, they also had cool banners, rah-rah teams and handmade plastic bottle noisemakers not unlike the atmosphere you get with sports anime. You can practically smell the salon pas of youth in the air. あァァァ。。青春!

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So story time! The day I was scheduled to travel to Iwami (13.10.14) was the very same day Typhoon 19 aka Vongfong hit Japan  I was lucky to have made it to the inn before all transportation got grounded, but it was then I realized just how close my inn was next. to. the. sea. Thankfully the storm passed the next day, I was able to get around to exploring Iwami and all’s right with the world.

But, Haru & Makoto’s neighborhood is really remote! It takes a solid 45 minutes to an hour just to walk from their houses to Iwami station (there is a bus, but the frequency is limited and that is assuming you know how to take their buses). The nearest Lawsons minimart that was shown in the anime is a good half hour’s walk from their place too. And assuming you don’t use domestic flights, it’s about 6 HOURS or more to travel by the Shinkansen and switching trains from Iwami Station all the way to Tokyo (I swear upon my budget traveler’s honor & JR Pass that this is true).  By sheer distance from where they live to anything except the sea, I have to give props to the boys for actually attending school diligently. Why don’t either of them own bicycles to get around though?   Edit: I found out that they did indeed own bicycles and it was mentioned in the novels. Mystery solved!

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Had the most bizarre new dream yesterday, where I was a guy in some really WEIRD reverse steford wives scenario, where a whole bunch of people were following me around and telling me/advising me how to do things like a bunch of lab scientists/agents. What I clearly remembered from this dream was finally deciding they had gone too far, losing my shit on those people and walking out on them, by which I meant I dropped my phone and just started walking aimlessly from place to place  while they tried to follow from behind inconspicuously (ok not really ) just doing whatever the hell I wanted. In my dream, I think they were thinking it's a temporary glitch, expecting me to throw a little tantrum, get it out of my system and things will return to perfection, but after walking till I couldn't walk anymore, I told them point blank to please leave me alone and that I want nothing more to do with them. They eventually respected my decisions, went back to their lab.... and created a clone of babies. o_0 okay now that part was actually freaky.

12 August 2013 @ 11:52 pm
Sometimes I just like to retreat to my quiet corner of the internet to ponder on questions I do not have answers for.
27 December 2012 @ 01:15 am
I've always found it interesting, how my sis grew out of manga / anime after secondary school while I grew into it. Funny how life works that way. Then again I always thought I'd eventually end up a person of SCIENCE!, seeing as I wanted to be an inventor when I grew up, plus I really dug experimenting, was totally obsessed with collecting "my little scientist" badges, and was in a MATH CLUB (MATH CLUB OMG!!!).

Well turns out I still am not quite fond of Literature nor am taken with many recommended readings ... though I admit Toto-Chan and The Crysalids were two titles I wouldn't have gotten to know about otherwise had it not been for Lit class. Though I do gather by observation of things I do manage to finish are usually works by authors who were not quite right in the head....
16 July 2012 @ 12:29 am
You may not think of me this way, but I was one of those kids in Primary school who got really, really sad when my then good friend was not placed in the same class as I was (She was assigned to Class 4A while I was 4B), to the point where the teacher actually noticed I had become... quiet? withdrawn? I certainly did not remember whinning about it to anyone(even though I was pretty spoiled I think I only act that way in front of family), so that couldn't have been it.

I remember this incident clearly because she actually asked me on the first day of the new semester if I was sad because I missed my friend and I said yes, then she somehow managed to arrange something and got me "upgraded" to my friend's class! Don't remember details, but apparently I didn't do as bad as I thought I did so I was just a few points shy of being assigned to Class A which made this special arrangement possible. I think by recess the arrangement has already been finalized and I was offically adpoted into Class 4A.

It didn't seem like a big deal then (though I am guessing it made me ridiculously happy), but now that I think back, the teacher could have just left me in Class B and things would've OK and I would've probably gotten over it (we were segregated based on grades after all). What she did really went beyond and above what a teacher is obliged to do (and honestly, if every kid went around crying because they are not in the same class as their friends and demanding to be transfered all hell would break loose, no?)

You know what the clincher is? I don't even remember who that particular friend of mine is anymore, nor the teacher's name nor how she even looked like because I transfered out of her class so she didn't get to be my form teacher... or how she even figured out my good friend was in Class A (maybe I was pretty obvious in my affections for people I like?) But I remember that one nice thing that someone did for me, and I think I will likely still remember this forever.

It's just one of those things.
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25 June 2012 @ 09:24 pm
Yesterday I dreamt of me and a bunch of people stuck in a snow storm at a circle intesection just two streets away from my office (don't remember if I knew them but they could be colleagues). Most of them were sort of sleeping and scattered along the the road and covered in a layer of snow, which was when I suddenly spotted a pack of (hungry?) wolves running towards our direction which got me considerably worried that they may looking for a free snack and hurriedly called everyone to wake up and catch the last bus, but I woke up not remembering if I had made it up the bus myself. Felt like I missed it though...

Definitely a dream about work. Anxiety caused by deadlines, maybe (I brought home work during the weekend but never got around to doing it and decided to heck it though the deadline was today and the job was kind of iffy so it was weighing over my mind a little... I did finish it and much earlier than expected though, so yay me!).

But LOL wolves.
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24 June 2012 @ 10:34 pm
I think I might be entertained by this forever.

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10 June 2012 @ 08:02 pm
Sometimes I remember or think about the things that I had forgotten how to do, and it kind of makes me a little sad because a lot of things I've learnt (and forgotten about) took a hell lot of effort and a hell lot of years to master... and now it feels like it's all gone, or the retention rate is but a mere shadow of what you were formerly capable of.

If only there was a save button for all the skills i've learnt. It'll be that much easier to pick up where i had left off previously (as with all interests that sometimes hit a lull / burnout period)  and continue to get better, instead of feeling I've taken two steps back for every step I move forward. Alas that's life, and there just isn't enough human hours to get everything I want to do out of 24 hours in a day (curses to need of sleep!). Maybe some day I'd be able to prioritize and balance my needs with my wants and my loves...and be more focsued about narrowing my interests to a few areas I can concentrate and hone my skills on. but there's so much the world has to offer out there, and even if I were to leave out the things I've long decided I never want to expereience (e.g Bungee Jumping, sorry but NO) , there's still so much in this world to see, learn and do.

It's times when I think about these things that I wonder if I will leave this world a dissastisfied person.  I need to work on my inner zen.
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06 May 2012 @ 08:17 pm
I am currently watching The Legend of Korra - aka Avatar, The Last Airbender sequel. Did I interpret it wrong or did Aang marry Katara in the future or something?  New show seems to imply so.

Korra's likely new love interest reminds me of Zuko. I can live with that.

Not sure how I feel about the design for "New Republic". Too much "San Fransisco", if you ask me.

What is with the double spellings for names of protangonists anyway?
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